Customized Posters

As I am sure you all can tell, I really enjoy designing and creating posters. However, what I enjoy even more is when people reach out and ask me to customize posters for them. A typical customized poster will be of someone’s home, business, or other meaningful places or buildings. I have a Draftsman degree, and love to draw houses; so I am really in my element when asked to customize. If you would like me to do your poster, please contact me.

This is a poster i made for my parents and brothers, it's from my childhood home, in the Faroe Islands.
I made this poster for my husbands family, this is his childhood home, also in the Faroe Islands.                                                         
This one I made for an event at Cavallo Point, Sausalito, where the Danish Crown Prince were at.


This customer, would like me to make an poster of their restaurant Bounty Hunter, in Napa.                                                                                                                                                            
I made this funny poster for my daughters boyfriend, Maxx. He's from Muir Beach, California. He had a Prius with a Moose sticker on.